D = Direct Box

EM = Ear Monitor

M = Microphone

RM = Wireless Microphone

S = Monitor


The stage if present, or the area reserved to the band must be at least 6x4 meters, better if 8x6.

The band has its own full audio and light service with the following 3 options, for all your needs:

  • Option 1: Audio:2000W. Lights: 8 points, low consumption (Led Lights), Power required MAX 5kw
  • Option 2: (Outdoor standard and Theatre): Audio: 6000W. Lights: 80/90 points, Power required 20KW
  • Option 3: (Upon Request): Audio 25000/30000W. Lights: 80/90 Points, Power required: 25/30KW.

In the event the gig organisation will provide its own audio service, the following information might be useful:

  • Drums require 1 bass-drum microphone, 4 Snare/Tom microphones and 2 Overhead microphones. 
  • The wireless microphone and the Ear Monitor will be always provided by us.
  • Mixer minimum 24ch and minimum 6 Aux if a monitor desk is not present. Mixer better if Soundcraft or Allen & Heath. No digital mixers.


For any further info do not hesitate to contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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